The Optimum Way to Provide Optimum Dental Care –
Our Ergonomic Operatory

As an Assistant Professor in the UCLA School of Dentistry in the 1970s, Dr. Rota was a pioneer in the emerging field of dental ergonomics. Many of the work standards he developed, such as Four-Handed Dentistry, are common practice today.

They’re also embodied by our office environment – ergonomically designed to let us efficiently tend to your oral health needs and let you feel relaxed and secure.

What is dental ergonomics?

It’s the applied science of equipment design for the workplace. Its goal: maximize productivity and efficiency by reducing patient and practitioner fatigue and discomfort.

It involves both the tools and furnishings of a space and their placement and coordination. An ergonomic environment is open, non-claustrophobic, so comfortable, easy movement is the norm. It helps us work safely, quickly and more effectively, while putting you at ease.

Our circular work space, the positioning of the instruments and dental team, their relation to each other and you – such features help us provide you with top quality care in a smooth process that minimizes stress for all.

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