Your First Visit with our Dentists

You are one of a kind. And so is every first visit. But all share a common theme: information-gathering.

The more we know about you, your current dental and health status, needs and desires, the more readily we can customize your dental care to your unique situation and wellness goals.

So we begin by taking records: full mouth digital x-rays, photographs, a thorough oral examination, dental charting and health history. If you’ve had full mouth x-rays taken within the past two years, we may be able to use them and avoid having to take a new set. Ask us about this when you call to schedule your first visit.

If you have previous dental or medical records you think will help us grasp your whole health situation, feel free to bring copies with you or send them to us in advance. We’ll keep them in your file.

Our evaluations are very comprehensive, and the dentist will spend about an hour with you, discussing the findings and treatment recommendations, and answering any questions you may have.

If needed, we can split this evaluation and consultation process across two visits. The total cost is $295.

Contact us for an appointment.